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If TV is the drug of the nation, what's radio? 

I'm now a 'seasoned' producer for radio and audio, specialising in narrative documentary, arts, culture, and great stories. 




I am one of a team of producers on BBC SOUNDS podcast TRUMPED, exploring the incredible story of Donald Trump's golf dream in Aberdeenshire. 

I am producing the launch of a major podcast series telling the story of the best selling game of all time.

...and am working for the brilliant BBC Radio Scotland. 


Back in lockdown 1, I made
Your Call, a BBC radio play about the pandemic with my fave gal Josie Dale-Jones (this egg), her dad Shôn Dale-Jones and the awesome John Biddle

I'm also a freelance producer and sometimes I go out and record things. I've made content for Radio 4, Radio Scotland and for indies like Fresh Air Productions and Audible. 

Back in 2018, I made my first feature radio documentary with acclaimed author Jenni Fagan. 


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